Get it Together: Life Hacks for Organizing Your Home Office

Every area of your home has a designated use – the kitchen for eating, the bedroom for sleeping, the living room for living, etc.

But somehow, your ‘office space’ seems to just be for dumping crap everywhere. Schedules, bills, notes, files, books, you name it and it’s probably taking up space.

Luckily, we’re here with a whole mess of tips to help you get organized in a way that works for you instead of against you.

Establish an Organization System
Just as when you organize the rest of your place, everything in your office should have a designated ‘home’ where items belong and are returned to. Without this system in place, your desk will be a nightmare again within a week of cleaning it.

Consider Using Your Closet Space
Of course, in the city closet space is usually at a premium – but if you are lucky enough to have an extra that you don’t use for much, consider converting it into a super useful way to organize all your desk or work supplies, like this person did.

Group like Materials Together
Have an organizer for all your pens and pencils, your stapler and staples, and your paper and ink cartridges. Similar items sharing a home means you won’t get frustrated when your printer runs out of ink and you can’t remember where you stored the new cartridges. You can even make these DIY dividers for a pretty way to group items together.

Consider a Drop Down Leaf Desk for a Small Space
Rather than cramping your tiny apartment with a desk that will make the room look cluttered, install a drop down leaf like this one, so you can easily tuck it away when you’re done working. Bonus – you won’t be able to leave items to build up on it if you want to fold it away, so you’ll automatically be motivated to stay more organized.

Easily Organize All Those Cords with Clothespins
Cord messes are the bane of all offices. Get them neat and untangled easily by simply using clothespins to wrap them around.

Use a File Rack Like This One to Keep Track of Projects
Store your current projects on the top rack, ongoing in the middle, and completed on the bottom. A system like this will ensure you never lose track of old projects and avoid rummaging through a pile to find what you’re currently working on.

Label Everything
Labeling all your storage will make sure you know exactly where to put everything now that you’ve taken the time to give everything a designated home. It will also ensure you quickly remember where to find it. 

Use Bread Bag Tags to Label Cords
Never unplug the wrong cord again using this system. NEVER. 


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