Get Fresh Company: One of Toronto’s Hottest Streetwear Boutiques

We sat down with Get Fresh Company Owner Jebril Jalloh and Partner and Director of Marketing Will Nguyen to discuss how they became one of Toronto’s favourite high-end streetwear boutiques and to explore their newest collection, YYZ.

Tell us a little bit about Get Fresh.
The Get Fresh Company is a streetwear boutique located at 498 Queen Street West. We’ve been around for a little over two years. Aside from the clothing and sales aspect of things, we also try to stay relevant and involved in our community by holding small events every now and then – whether it be collection launches or meet and greets. 

What makes Get Fresh a staple in the Toronto fashion scene?
We carry a lot of brands that won’t be found anywhere else in the city. We stay in tune with all of the latest styles and trends as opposed to just carrying brands because of their status. There are a lot of brands all around the world that are doing some really dope stuff and we just want to be able to bring that back and share that with our city and our followers. 

When did you launch the YYZ collection?
The YYZ collection launched in early April 2014.

What is the premise behind the collection?
We have been blessed with the ability to frequently travel and see the world. Being able to travel has shown us how beautiful and honourable it is to be from Toronto. So instead of just having a collection that says ‘Toronto’ or using a Maple Leaf to represent us, we wanted something slightly less obvious yet still equally meaningful. Anyone who consistently travels will know our airport code. It’s a way of being a worldly Torontonian and identifying yourself with other worldly people from everywhere else. It’s a flag in itself and a conversation starter. 

Is it available for a limited time only or will it become a staple to Get Fresh’s house label?
It was supposed to be released as a limited edition collection, but seeing how fast they moved, we decided to make them a staple of the GFC brand. We’ll be releasing special edition colour ways and new styles are in production as well.

Where can you purchase the YYZ Collection?
You can purchase the YYZ collection in-store at The Get Fresh Company or online at

“This is for all those proud Torontonians who are cloud surfers and time travellers. Those who see the world and bring back the best it has to offer and contribute to the culture of our city. 

Wear this as your flag.

YYZ maybe our airport code, but its also a reminder that every time we land at Pearson, its touchdown baby. We score around here, boy.”

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