German Circus Makes Big Statement By Replacing Animals With Holograms

Animals have long been on the list of Things People Care About.

But not since recently have we humans actually done anything tangible to advance animal welfare.

For example, In April Canada banned the captivity of whales and dolphins. For years it has been illegal to sell products in the European Union that have been tested on animals.

Germany, meanwhile, is doing its part by exploring innovative animal alternatives. And no, we’re not talking about making Beyond Meat burgers part of the national diet.

A few weeks ago footage came to late of Circus Roncalli, founded more than 40 years ago, putting on a spectacular show using hologram animals instead of living, breathing tigers and elephants. The illusory animals have actually starred in Circus Roncalli shows since late 2017. The company has not used live animals in any of its performances since then.

“Unfortunately, the ‘old’ circus has gotten a bit dusty, but this is how the circus can remain alive,” said German TV anchor Max Schautzer in a video posted by audiovisual pioneers Optoma, the company behind the holograms:

The initiative was praised by animal rights activists, celebrities, and the Internet at large. Naturally, many people lobbied for the circus to incorporate dragons, dinosaurs, and other fantastic beasts in its shows.

It should go without saying that no animals were harmed in the production of this spectacle.