George Stroumboulopoulos and Dan Levy Chat With Notable at TIFF 2011’s Hazelton Takeover

TIFF Day 2 had us checking out Ame for the Artists for Peace and Justice fundraiser, with Paul Haggis and Gerard Butler giving speeches on behalf of the amazing endeavour. We also popped by Nikki Beach to see the scene at one of the hottest TIFF parties.

And, of course, we headed over to ONE Restaurant at the Hazelton for George Stroumboulopoulos’ Hazelton Takeover. While there, we caught up with George, chatted about TIFF, his advice for careers – could we ask a better person? – and met up with Dan Levy, former MTV Canada host and now writer. Take a look at what they had to say in their Notable interviews. Click here to see the vid.

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