Toronto Gay Couple Behind Viral Newborn Photo Release Essential Children’s Book

Remember the two gay Toronto dads who received worldwide recognition when a moving photo of them after the birth of their son was hijacked by anti-gay hate campaigns?

The couple has responded in the best way possible – and even caught the attention and praise of celebrities like Jessica Alba in the process.

Frankie Nelson and BJ Barone – both Toronto high school teachers – drew global attention when an intimate and touching photo of them taken with their newborn son, Milo, went viral. The photo was taken by the surrogate mother’s friend, Lindsay Foster, in 2014 moments after Milo entered the world.

At first, the response to the shot was overwhelmingly positive, but it was later re-purposed to promote anti-LGBTI policies in Ireland and Italy.

The image was used in hate campaigns by the conservative Italian Fratelli d’Italia-Alleanza Nazionale party and independent Irish politician Mary Fitzgibbon Clearly without the photographer’s permission.

Now, the happily married couple has released a children’s book about gay families.


Milo’s Adventures: A Story About Love is a 36-page book that discusses the inner workings of the modern family, touching on things like surrogacy, different types of family units, and the unity of love. It’s written from Milo’s perspective and illustrated by Milo’s godmother, Debbie Donsky.

The goal is to inspire others to embrace, appreciate, and understand various types of families. In a press release, they couple also said that they hope the book will encourage other couples or individuals trying to start their own family.

The book also aligns with the province’s sex education curriculum and can be used as a tool in the classroom and at home.

Officially launched on June 9, Milo’s Adventures can be purchased at Glad Day Bookshop at 598A Yonge St. and at Book City at 348 Danforth Ave. in Toronto, as well as on Amazon and at