Gaming Isn’t Just for Girls

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is in full swing at this very moment in downtown Los Angeles, and Girls on Games has your exclusive for all your video game-related news. Catherine Smith-Desbiens and Leah Jewer, co-founders of Girls on Games, have agreed to supply us with their vast gamer knowledge by highlighting the most notable gaming changes to come this year. 

But what exactly is E3? 

“It’s only the biggest event in video games,” explained Catherine co-founder of the nationwide gamer-esque blog/radio segment, which is currently exclusive to Bell Media. “The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) opened its doors today so that members of the industry, the press and eager fans can get a glimpse of the games to come. Yesterday was the usual marathon of press conferences held by major publishers so they may present their E3 line-up to the world.”

What changes can we expect for gaming consoles and games this year?

“This year’s Xbox Media Briefing was all about games; they barely touched on any upcoming improvements to the Xbox One. The PlayStation press conference not only presented the most diversity in their upcoming games, they also presented innovations coming to the PlayStation platforms such as PlayStation Now and PlayStation TV. Standing out was Project Morpheus, the PlayStation’s prototype virtual reality headset revealed earlier this year. Ubisoft and Electronic Arts (EA) held shorter conferences to tease their upcoming line-up of games. Although both companies announced brand new IPs, they are heavily relying on long-standing and fan favourite franchises. Pleasing fans worldwide, Nintendo finally teased a Wii U The Legend of Zelda game, the first in the series to follow the open-world concept. 

What makes Girls on Games notable gamer media is the fact that women are starting to be recognized as a part of geek culture.

Their opinions are no longer being disregarded in such affairs, and Girls on Games is evidence that girl gamers’ opinions are highly valued. The blog/radio segment can be heard on 12 different radio stations from as far East as Montreal to westward all across Canada. 

According to Leah Jewer, “Girls on Games is basically proof, as well as a reminder, that girl gamers exist and that we have now, officially, become a part of the gamer scene. Over time, it has also become cool to be a nerd and we just figured the timing was right to develop a women’s perspective on this growing trend.” 

Stay tuned to CHOM977 for updates and notable highlights from this year’s E3.

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