GALT Takes Over the Top Floor at 1232 De La Montagne

The newest addition to Downtown Montreal’s nightlife, located on the top floor of 1232 rue de la Montagne (yes, the old Clubhouse), GALT has been the latest buzz – and for good reason.

The name GALT comes from the past lords of the manor, Alexander T. Galt and his wife Lady Galt. Legend has it that their spirits still preside over the manor, hence why images and symbols appear throughout the space, evoking this spiritual energy.

Its unique décor features wood and copper finishes as well as two bars, one of which is equipped with premium scotches and single malts from around the world including Japan, Australia, Sweden, India and France. 

GALT’s mixologists have something very unique going. They prepare exclusives cocktails on the spot, gathering unorthodox flavors and aromas such as leather, white hibiscus, golden leaves and curcuma to add depth to the usual drink menu at a bar. 

If you’re a little hungry, GALT’s kitchen offers an array of bar snacks such as venison tartar, scallop ceviche, rabbit confit and a daily Pizza. The full menu includes 25 dishes that change with the seasons and each week you will find five of those dishes on the menu.

GALT’s unique layout provides it with an elevated stage area, which will be the setting for a variety of shows including circus performances, magic shows, comedians and burlesque dancers. Alternatively, you can make the stage yours and dance the night away to the sounds of their resident DJs, which on Fridays will feature deep house with Driss skali Moody & Jones, and hip-hop on Saturdays with Fafa Khan & Dj Arabika.

A little notable insider news: They will be hosting jazz and open mic nights soon…

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