Fusion Notable Icon Series: Get on the List Now

We don’t use the world icon lightly.

So when we put together the Fusion Notable Icon Series, we weren’t messing around. We wanted to create something intimate, unforgettable, and highly original.

And we have.

We’re talking: One night. One conversation. One icon.

With our first three Icon Series events now behind us, you’ve likely felt the buzz. Which isn’t much of a surprise, considering we’ve had everyone from rock stars and radio hosts to television personalities and athletes come by.

Notable and Ford Fusion have created nine of these cross-Canada events to bring some of our country’s top icons together with an exclusive group of 30 young professionals.

Did we mention they’re all being held in secret locations and feature the best cuisine and cocktails in your city? Now you know.

This is one of Notable’s most exclusive event initiatives ever.

And while we’d love to have all of you join us, with only six events left we’re going to need you to apply below.

30 seconds of your day could earn you access to a night you’ll never forget.


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