Fun Office Products for the YP Workplace

Sometimes we young professionals take ourselves much too seriously. In an effort to project a professional image, many of us tend to make our workspace an area of function and formality, rather than fun. With the amount of time we spend in this serious space, however, boredom and burnout and common results. So, lighten up! Give yourself and your co-workers a little break and make your office a place of enjoyment, as well as productivity. These fun office products are great for injecting a few laughs into your stressful day.

Executive Sandbox Construction Zone
Forget about raking that trendy Zen garden; relieve stress and revive creativity by playing in the Executive Sandbox Construction Zone! This amusing item also makes a perfect gift for bosses, stress-cases, grooms-to-be, or just anyone in need some desktop fun.  



Plug Mug
You walk into the office kitchen for a cup of coffee only to find that your personal mug is sitting in the sink or the dishwasher, or covered in lipstick stains that are certainly not your colour, or just gone. The Plug Mug is a humorous solution to this common office problem. Simply remove the plug when not using your mug, and render it completely useless. Place the plug back in and the mug is again fully functional.    


Dress for Dinner Napkins
At your next lunch meeting or business dinner, keep up that professional look (or have a little fun) with these printed napkins. Each pack contains a variety of tie prints so you are able to hysterically coordinate your look, and protect it too.


Carpet Skates
If you are lucky enough to work in an open-concept office space, where the free flow of ideas, communication, and movement are welcomed and encouraged, then you may just have a boss who’d be cool with the carpet skates. Otherwise, this silly but entertaining product may be better suited for office parties. 


Mobile Desk (pictured at top)
Similarly, for open, free spirited workspaces, this mobile desk is suitable for group brainstorming sessions or for those looking to get in a little action as they work. This travelling workstation is also handy for merchandising and other tasks that require mobility plus computer.