From the Course to the Street: Nike’s New Gear Plays All Day Long

If you think steamed khakis and a loose polo shirt are still mandatory gear for the golf course these days, you’re more messed up than your grandfather’s homemade 3-wood.

It’s been over a century since three-piece suits and brogues defined standard course attire, but golf’s stylistic evolution has been driven into the future thanks to brands like Nike.

In fact, Nike recently launched their new golf capsule collection at an exclusive event in Los Angeles. So we thought we’d head south to see what all the fuss was about.

And it was worth the flight.

‘Cause Nike Golf’s new direction is all about taking the game from the course to the street.

By combining lifestyle and street-wear into their designs, these options exemplify the up and coming age bracket that’s currently taking over the game. Need proof? Three of the top players in the game right now are under 30.

Some of the standout pieces included the blade collar (aka no collar) which completely takes on the traditional polo – and flips it on its head. The collars come in three distinct designs: blade, roll, and classic, while fit options range from standard –  for a relaxed, comfortable fit – to modern slim, which offers maximum mobility and modern style. Did we mention this make for the perfect layer piece for that dinner or night out after?

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.29.06 PM

Another addition to the line that is set to become a serious staple for golfers and sneaker enthusiasts alike is the Nike Flyknit Chukka golf shoe. These babies combine the iconic Flyknit design with the FI golf shoe sole – not a bad marriage if you ask me. I’ve been rocking mine on the regular since I picked them up (because that’s how comfortable they are) running daily errands, and have been amazed at the comfort, the aesthetic, and the water-proof technology.


The most surprising (but very welcome) addition are the performance tights. Yes, we said tights on the golf course.

“Tights are good for recovery,” Brooks Koepka, one of the young pro golfers at the event shared. “We train so hard on and off the golf course that I think it would help us stay on the Tour for a little longer by keeping our bodies fresh for years down the road.”

Designed to enhance movement, regulate body temperature, and provide an extra layer of warmth, the Nike tights are made with a high-stretch Dri-FIT fabric that helps keep athletes dry.


To check out more of one of the most exciting golf collections to grace the course, visit Nike Golf and tee off on some major style additions to your game – on course, and off.

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