From the Boat to the Cottage Bar: The Perfect Shoe

Despite its slow start and completely unpredictable weather, we are now right in the middle of summer. Cottage time has arrived, when you can take full advantage of not having to wear a suit, shave, or worry about hair or makeup. Although time spent at the cottage means lazy, hazy days dockside, we young professionals (YPs) are accustomed to the constant stimulation that the city offers, and it’s possible that you could get a little stir crazy and want to hit a cottage country bar. The trick with this is that you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard; if there was ever a time to perfect your effortless and casual look, it’s right now. Always reliable, summer footwear destination ALDO has just what you need for that shoe that will take you from boat to cottage bar. 

The Rago
ALDO’s Rago has summer vacation written all over it. The relaxed, moccasin-like boat shoe is your best accessory for the boat, dock and bar. They offer a less casual option than flip-flops, and are also a safer choice at those wild, live music-blasting cottage bars, where the potential for getting your foot stepped on or glass dropped on is slightly more probable. They pair well with any relaxed pair of shorts and a nice tee or polo shirt for a respectable, “vacation mode” – yet not beach bum – look. The shoes are made from leather, with leather laces and moc stitching, side lacing, distressed upper, and a contrasting slim, rubber sole with an apron toe. They are available in a variety of colours, because, like flip-flops, you can never have enough deck shoes. They come in gray, cognac, navy, bone, taupe, black and light blue.

The Yasu
Let’s be honest; there is nothing worse than an overly done-up girl in cottage country. With that said, after lounging around dockside all day (messy bun atop your head, of course), you may want to refresh and jazz it up a bit when it comes to your outfit for the cottage bar. Although admittedly on the boundary of being too “city,” we can’t get enough of ALDO’s Yasu. Keeping with this summer’s stud trend, the detail offered by the studs make the sandals a little more interesting and fashionable than the typical flip-flop or boring flat sandal. Pair the shoes with a maxi dress, high-low, or cute casual cotton summer dress, and you’re good to go. They are synthetic, with a flat rubber sole, and feature a multi-strap upper with studs and ankle straps with metallic buckle closure. They are available in black and white, with the black making an easy transition into September. Effortless, right? 

The best part about hitting ALDO now, with fall just around the corner, is that most of their summer stock is on sale. You’re welcome.


Cover image via Insidia