France Seeks to Ban Super Skinny Models from Runways and End the Glorification of Anorexia

Finally a bit of good news again from the fashion world – seems like it’s been a little downhill since Zoolander walked the Valentino runway.


France, home of the world’s most prestigious fashion week, is considering a ban on super-skinny models walking the catwalk.

Socialist MP Olivier Véran’s tabled amendment calls for a six-month prison term and 75,000 euro fine for agencies who employ models below a certain Body Mass Index. 

The proposal also extends to include bans on forums and websites that encourage eating disorders. If it means we’ll never have to read the term thigh gap again, we’re all for it.
The BMI number in the proposed legislation has been set at 18, which means a 5-foot-7 woman would have to weigh at least 121 pounds – a threshold we would consider fairly strict. Terms for male models have not yet been considered, but they probably should be.

Spain, Italy and Israel first adopted such measures in early 2013 to combat society’s glorification of anorexia, an issue that has been especially heated after anorexic French model Isabelle Caro’s death in 2010.

Karl, we suggest you stay out of this one.


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