Foyer Set to Open in St. Henri Next Week

With the wave of new eateries and bars popping up all over St. Henri, it’s hard not to notice the window of Foyer on 3532 Notre Dame Ouest.

A delicate sign saying FFoyer, the beautiful leafy F lettering made by Dave Arnold, aka Mr. Sign, figures prominently in their signage and identity. The space from the outside already emanates cozy, local and authentic vibes. 

The name emphasizes the wood-burning oven that is truly the centerpiece of the space, and foyer in French means fireplace. In addition, the origin of the word foyer means heart and home, and the restaurant is a warm and welcoming space. A real neighbourhood gem. 

Foyer focuses on cooking most of the menu items in the oven. There’s a warm, smoky goodness that comes from cooking it this way, and they make Neapolitan-style pizzas, flatbread sandwiches, salads and lots of vegetable sides in it. The menu is as much a guilty pleasure as it is fresh, healthy and nutritious. There will be plenty of options, allowing customers to customize their pizzas, salads and sandwiches. The dishes are also vegetarian-friendly and try to cater to as many dietary restrictions as possible. Big bonus, right?

The skilled hands of an amazing craftsman assisted the gorgeous design. Guillaume Menard of Atelier Mainor created the bar, tables, and chairs, as well as installed the old barn wood on the ceiling. “He was really incredible in translating our vision into a really beautiful, cohesive, final product. We basically used three words: rustic, farmhouse and Scandinavian, and voila…” shared Owner Tina An.

The ambiance focuses on creating an atmosphere where people can come together and hang out over some good food and drinks. The music might border on the nostalgic from time to time, but they are also very open to play whatever the crowd wants, hoping that Foyer will become the neighbourhood’s living room.

Foyer is set to officially open on Monday, July 14th. For the first month it will only be open for dinner, Monday through Saturday from 6pm to 11pm. Brunches on Saturdays and Sundays, and eventually lunches, will follow.

Did we mention there are two patios?

Welcome to the hood. 


All photos by: Karolina Jez

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