Four Summer Colour Combos that Work No Matter What

We have at least a little longer to hold on to our summer wardrobes before packing them away for the chillier months. By now, you’ve likely accumulated a selection of new t-shirts, shorts and accessories like hats, boldly-coloured jewellery and even nail polish for the season. Here are some suggestions offered by yours truly and our summertime wine of choice, Aveleda, on a few no-fail paring options to make the most of your summer wardrobe while you still can.

Black and white
Just because the warmer months offer open invitation for bolder and brighter, doesn?t mean you have to be overly colourful all the time. Some people make the mistake of pulling black from their wardrobe in the warmer months. Pairing black with white is actually big this season – whether it means a black maxi dress with a cropped blazer for the ladies or black and white stripped t-shirt for the guys. A crisp combination of black and white lends itself nicely to a business environment, perfect for an after work networking event or important meeting to convey a message of power and confidence.

Neon and white
Bright, bold 80s neon is back with a blinding vengeance this summer. Although it’s one thing to don neon upon neon for things like electronic music festivals, neon always pairs nicely with white for a subtler casual Friday at the office look. For a more incognito look in a crowd, opt for neon accessories with a neutral outfit. Pair neon pants with a white cable knit sweater or t-shirt or white denim with a striped neon top. If you are going to adventurously mix colours, choose tones in the same frame of brightness. One of the most important things to remember with neon is that it should be worn with confidence above everything else.

Pastels with neutrals
Something about mixing pastels with neutrals always seems to work. The combination offers a somewhat refined and sophisticated look that leans more to the preppy side than the hipster. Pastels and neutrals are a reliable go-to for everything from a Sunday patio brunch with the parents to a day spent in the park with friends. Just don?t go overboard with too many pastels; you can quickly look like an Easter egg gone wrong.

Red, white and blue
We are huge fans of the nautical look this summer (and every summer, really). Red, white and blue seem to complement one another in any combination, but we tend to love the red as an accent to the more prominent navy and white. This means accessories like a purse, hat, pocket square or tie. The relaxed nautical look works nicely on the weekends, whether you are vacationing somewhere fabulous and indeed happen to be on a boat, or are kicking it around your city.

Like wine with food, there is also an art to pairing colours and shades in your wardrobe. If you stick to our four pairing options, you can’t go wrong.

Cover Image: Forever Under The Summer Sun