Four Reasons We’re Catching Up on Mad Men Again

There’s no way you didn’t know this, but in case you did, season 7 of Mad Men kicked off last night. And while seemingly everyone we knew tuned in, we were slacking. We’ve been slacking for months in fact, ever since we forgot to keep up with Don Draper and co. somewhere in the middle of season 5. Arguably one of the best shows on TV and one we’ve absolutely fallen in love with – not to mention closely related to our industry – passed by as millions rejoiced simply because we weren’t caught up. That’s never happening again. We’ve got a lot to prove to our television during the after-work hours this week. Here’s why we’re picking up where we left off and getting up to speed ASAP on Mad Men. 

It’s good for business
It’s no secret that advertising and online publishing go hand-in-hand, and we’ve definitely learned a thing or two about business from Mad Men – everything from the creative side to executive level. Those sharp suits are enough to sharpen our minds, nevermind the stimulating dialogue. What better way to start Monday morning motivated than a dose of advertising genius the night before. 

Follow-up FOMO
This has to be said: It sucks not knowing what happened in the latest episode and being left out of the gossip the next day. It’s hard enough to login to Twitter or browse our favourite entertainment websites. We feel like we’re out of the loop in too many next-day conversations to justify our laziness and dodging spoilers is getting stressful. 

A lesson in office politics
Mad Men is all about high stakes and heated personalities. We’ll tell you this: petty disagreements will never faze us at work again. We’ve also developed a better understanding of workplace hierarchies, the importance of employee relations, teamwork and leveraging connections, as well as how not to get fired. That’s an important one. 

We remember to play hard
Downing a bottle of Scotch at work might be pushing it, but Mad Men reminds us that striving for a work-life balance is an incredibly rewarding part of young professional life. Sometimes we admire Don’s penchant for partying, other times we pity his slave-to-the-office mentality. Both examples offer valuable insight to how we’d like to organize our own priorities – and what could happen if we sway too much to one side. 

#LYNL | (Live Your Notable Life)


Cover image from: Rachmariepr

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