Four Israeli Startups Every Young Professional Needs To Know

Often labelled the Silicon Valley of the Eastern world, Israel is home to some of the world’s leading start-ups, inventors, technology institutions, and venture capitalists. Institutions like the Technion Institute of Science and Technology breed these innovative thinkers and doers who develop technologies that become heavily-used the world-over. We recently dove deep into the Israeli start-up scene to highlight some of the leaders in the mobile industry. There’s a very good chance that you’re already using some of these apps; but if not, here they are… 

Who: Viber
Where: Viber is based in Cyprus with a development center in Israel.
What: One of the world’s leading messaging and VoIP platforms.
How: Viber lets you send free messages, including photos, videos, and locations. You can also make free calls to Viber users over 3G or WiFi.
Why: Viber is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world, with well over 200 million users. It’s available on all the major mobile platforms and recently came to both PC and Mac, meaning there’s no shortage of people who you can talk to. Setting up Viber is as simple as entering your phone number, so there’s no need to mess around with user IDs.

Whether you are travelling or at home, Viber is a great way to stay in touch with your friends and professional contacts. It can help you save money while traveling on business, and thanks to its high quality HD calls, you’ll never miss anything from your conversations. 

Who: TxtMeApp from Say Media Group.
Where: Say Media Group is based in Tel Aviv.
What: A breakthrough way to market mobile apps.
How: TxtMeApp gives mobile developers and marketers a streamlined way to turn desktop ads for their apps into downloads and installs on users devices.
Why: Anywhere from 30-50 per cent of searches for mobile apps are performed on desktop computers. Currently there is no good way to market your mobile app on the desktop. TxtMeApp solves this by showing users an ad for apps that lets them enter their phone number. The user then receives an SMS with a download link. This streamlined process is super valuable for anyone who needs to market their mobile applications.

There is no hotter place to work than at a mobile startup and TxtMeApp can help take your company to the next level.

Who: TireCheck from Neomatix.
Where: Neomatix is based in Tel Aviv.
What: An app that lets you check your tire pressure with your iPhone.
How: The company behind TireCheck is an expert in electro-optical sensors used to manage vehicle fleets. Now they have brought the same technology to your iPhone.
Why: Nobody likes getting down and dirty to check their tires, and while some cars have tire pressure sensors, these are only available on new cars and don’t provide much info. TireCheck lets you comfortably check your car’s tire pressure without getting your hands dirty.

Properly inflated tires are critical to safe driving and they help ensure your car is operating efficiently and not overly polluting the environment. Beyond that, nobody wants to check their tires while wearing a suit and tie – with TireCheck it’s a snap.

Who: Yotpo
Where: Yotpo is based in Tel Aviv.
What: Yotpo is a plug-and-play social reviews solution for e-commerce websites.
How: Yotpo lets shoppers read and write social reviews, get automatic reminders to write reviews, and also has an automatic review loyalty program. Yotpo also includes powerful reports and analytics, giving online merchants actionable insight to improve merchandising strategy. 
Why: Founded in 2011, YotPo serves more than 15,000 websites, giving them the best solution for social reviews. The platform brings more traffic to the website than Twitter and has over 100,000,000 conversations with consumers a month. 

These days, users use social media when purchasing online. Yotpo enables a social experience for each user, using an automatic system that personalizes the reviews in real time for every user. This means a huge increase in conversion rate for every website, plus an amazing new review experience. 

Yotpo is aiming to become the unified platform of social reviews by enabling every website to be a part of a greater platform that increases engagement, conversion and experience.

Cover Image: Viber