Ford’s Just Released a New ‘Smart Bike’ That Can Basically Do Everything

Everything’s ‘smart’ these days – and bikes are no exception.

Case in point: Ford’s MoDe:Flex eBike prototype, which is equally suitable for urban commuting as it is for rugged riding.

The bike connects to your smartphone and is able to plan routes, see forecasts, and communicate fitness information. Most impressive is its ‘no sweat mode’ function, which applies intuitive electric pedal assistance to keep your heart rate consistent on inclines and uneven terrain.

You’ll also have to worry less about glancing over your shoulder – the bike’s handlebars gently vibrate when a car is about to overtake. The handlebars will even vibrate to warn you about upcoming potholes.

The bike’s 200-watt motor, powered by a 9 amp-hour battery, can be charged by plugging it into an external charger or even your motor vehicle.

Oh, and if you must take your car, you can easily fold the bike and bring it along.

Easy rider, indeed.


Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company