For One Week Only, You Can Learn to Code for Free

By now, we don’t have to tell you that coding is one of the most influential and relevant professions of the present and the future.

And if we do, you need to emerge from under that rock of yours and start understanding what makes you able to read this on a computer.

Disrupting the traditional post-secondary institution model, coding schools – with their compact programs that last months as opposed to years – have become an attractive option for forward-thinking millennials across the country. But, again, you probably already know that.

Like any post-secondary training, however, coding school isn’t exactly cheap.


The good news is, however, if you live in Toronto or Vancouver, you can learn the coding basics for free (yes, FREE), for one week only, courtesy of coveted coding school Brainstation.

Brainstation’s “Learn to Code” events offer a week of code (December 7-10th) in both cities, where they will host free intro to web workshops in conjunction with Hour of Code and Computer Science Week.

It’s no small undertaking, either.

BrainStation has committed to teaching 2,500 students to code during the week.

For three hours each evening, students will be introduced to basic HTML and CSS so they can code their very own personal website. And they’ll be learning from seasoned experts – Brainstation educators are all industry experts working at the top firms in Vancouver and Toronto’s emerging tech communities.

From December 7-11th, during the lunch hour, Brainstation will also host lunch and learns, which will feature representatives from unique brands, who will offer insights on a topic of their choice, ranging from entrepreneurial journeys to development.

In Vancouver, you can “learn to code” at Brainstation’s Vancouver campus (1110 Hamilton Street Suite 410), which can host up to 80 students every evening for their Web Development Workshops. In Toronto, the courses will be held at Toronto’s brand new campus (460 King St West), which just opened up shop this month. The 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility has four floors of class space to accommodate over 200 students every evening.

So you may want to get on this opportunity, especially if you’re in the market for a new profession.

A career in coding could soon mean spending your days deploying full-featured web applications along the likes of Amazon, Kickstarter, OpenTable, and Twitter, after all. In other words, learning to code could be just what you need to take your career to the next level – just ask any Brainstation graduate. And since it’s free, you officially have no excuse.

At a time when we download a new app practically every other day, a career in coding seems like a no-brainer (but you’ll definitely have to use your brain to do it).

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