Food Network Crowns West Coast City as Brunch Capital of Canada

It’s no secret Canadians are obsessed with #brunch.

From waiting hours on end in the cold just to try the latest popular spot, to searching for the best Eggs Benny in the city, brunch is proving to be our favourite meal of the day. Not to mention there are so many incredible brunch options in each city, it’s hard not to be constantly thinking about where we can kick off our next Sunday Funday.

Well, it looks like you’re going to want to head west the next time you want to (respectably) drink champagne before noon, ’cause the Food Network has declared Victoria, B.C. as the brunch capital of Canada.

You Gotta Eat Here! host John Catucci says the main reason Victoria took the brunch crown is there are so many places to choose from.

“I think every second restaurant is a brunch place in Victoria,” he told All Points West host Robyn Burns. “In Victoria, it’s not just weekends, though … You can have brunch every day of the week. Which is fantastic.”

Catucci also noted that the weekend is when things start to get really crazy as there are always long lines of hungry foodies, from U Vic students to local residents and tourists.

“I know the weekend lines are ridiculous … but there are so many restaurants,” Catucci said. “When you’re going to a place that makes their own bacon in-house, you wait in line. You know?”

But we think there are a few other Canadian cities that deserve recognition for serving up notable brunch dishes. In Toronto, nursing hangovers are a regular weekend activity, and the perfect remedy for a pounding headache is brunch. For the brunch obsessed Torontonians, there are countless brunch options in literally every nook of the city, so there’s always plenty of reasons to venture out of the house. Check out our readers’ poll on the best brunch options in Toronto for even more inspiration.

Then there’s Montreal; known for being an oasis of European culture, not to mention having an incredibly high number of restaurants per capita, you know you’re in good hands here. This city thrives off of café culture and has an abundance of incredible dining options to get both your caffeine and brunch fix. Check out our readers’ poll on the best brunch options in Montreal for even more inspiration.

So when the weekend roles around, and you’re looking for something to do, meet some friends for brunch and you’ll be amazed by the sheer variety of delicious eats, as Canadian brunch spots really know how to bring home the bacon.