Food Fight! Local Chefs Battle It Out

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At UCC, we create fun and engaging events that showcase up-and-coming talent in the food industry. Our events give recognition to all behind-the-scenes individuals, who so often go unnoticed.

Our battles, videos, and speaker series are created to inspire and build awareness about where the food we eat comes from.


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We want to inspire, drive, and grow the local hospitality community. When it comes to the hospitality industry, we felt there was a void. There was a need to create an event series promoting awareness and education of food prepping, cooking, and presenting. Having battles that are now City vs. City also builds a community among chefs across Canada. These battles help people to discover and get to know places to eat when they visit different cities.

The battles not only challenge chefs to create several dishes from secret ingredients in under one hour, they also provide audience goers with a real-time experience of life in the kitchen.

We are creating a community to connect the people with where the food is coming from. Our vision is to create a platform for the industry leaders and veterans to share their dreams, challenges, and accomplishments in this competitive industry.

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