Flat Rate Rides, No Surge: ‘Uber Killer’ Launches in Select Cities

There’s a new ride-hailing service in town.

Well, not quite our town, but the town in a more ubiquitous sense.

Israel-based app Gett allows users to book black cars at flat rates that the company promises are cheaper than Uber. In fact, that’s pretty much their whole schtick: that they’re better than Uber. They’ll even hook you up with free ride credits equal to the surge fees you were charged by Uber as long as you show them your surge-ified receipt.

The service is currently available in New York City, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem, with world expansion on the horizon. Its most recent major move was acquiring a fleet of over 11,000 black cabs in London, which gives the company more than half of the city’s taxi market.

So, just how much cheaper is Gett than Uber? For reference, all rides under 110th Street in New York City are estimated to cost less than $10 USD. That’s pretty fantastic, especially when you consider there’s no possibility of wild fluctuations.

The legal side is also solid: All Gett drivers are licensed, professionally trained, and fully insured.

And just to dump on Uber a little more, Gett offers a money back guarantee if you end up paying more than what you would with Uber.

No word yet from the taxi industry.