Five Young Professionals in Media You Should Know

We’re always amazed at how many young professionals are making huge strides in an ever-evolving media landscape, whether it be by taking up executive positions at leading outlets or launching their own niche publications. Here are three young professionals in the media industry you should know…

Melissa Grelo
Thousands of Torontonians start their day with Melissa Grelo, Co-Host of CP24 Breakfast. The gorgeous 33-year-old Grelo informs and entertains Toronto’s weary-eyed viewers as they sip the first of several caffeine injections and find out what’s going on in the world around them. Always with a smile on her face and a commitment to bringing CP24 Breakfast‘s viewers the news in style, this York U and Seneca College alum is a very notable Young Professional.

What’s her advice to other young professionals?

“Strike while the iron is hot. Start with the building blocks in your field – education, experience, more education, and more experience. Set clear goals of what you’d like to attain, both in the near future and beyond. Use the power of visualization. Imagine yourself achieving your goals. It seems silly, but try it. It’s very powerful. I imagined myself delivering the news, interviewing big newsmakers, practising what I’d ask, etc. When the opportunities started to arise, I felt like I had already been there, doing it all along.”

Hannah Yakobi
After completing an degree in journalism with minors in psych and film, as well as a post-grad IT certification, we consider Hannah Yakobi a well-rounded individual. However, all of her education didn’t reflect her love for all things fashion, which is why she started her own fashion publication, FAJO Magazine

What’s the most memorable milestone in her career?

“I think it was the moment when I got my first reporting assignment. I was very young, inexperienced, excited and quite scared! Thankfully, my Mom was there to encourage and support me. She really helped me get that first “push” with all her positive thinking. She is also a very creative person herself – in fact, she is an established artist who is renowned in Europe. So she sensed my creative flair before anyone else did. It may have also been because, as a teenager, I wanted to be a fashion designer really badly. And she greatly encouraged it, by buying about 15 fashion magazines for me every month!”

Chad Cranston
TCHAD Quarterly may sound like a regular magazine, but it is much more. Combining stunning art and photographs, and a sleek, minimalistic visual design, the coffee table book publication offers insightful editorial, timely interviews, fashion spreads and product features that reflect the interests of its affluent and influential readers.

What was the inspiration for Chad’s career route?

“I had the opportunity to spend quality time with Gene Simmons from Kiss and he suggested becoming a media mogul because of my life experience. His words and suggestion came to fruition. I saw an opportunity to leave behind a legacy by empowering TCHAD to be a voice and purveyor of lifestyle.” 

Nat and Marie
Online mavens Anastasia Tubanos and Marie Nicola, better known around the www as Nat & Marie, are content curators who eat, breathe and sleep in the digital realm. Their hit Wednesday night ‘Internet Aftershow’ was a trailblazing initiative, and the two buxom beauties work tirelessly to keep their audience informed of all things buzz and meme-worthy.

What does success look like to them?

Marie: “I imagine people who are truly successful wake up happy every day. That feeling after something really wonderful happened and you wake up in the morning and you remember it. Well imagine that feeling, repeated every day.”
Nat: “Success to me is waking up every day genuinely excited for working on something you’re passionate about and are invested in. Success is having a product that people are buzzing about and a legacy when you’re gone. Success is doing something you love and making a livable income off of it. And success is doing all of this and still balancing time for yourself and your other passions.”

Photos in order of appearance in article.