Five Healthy Cocktails to Keep You Light and Lucky This St. Paddy’s Day

Whether you’re toasting the luck of the Irish or simply need an excuse to get sloshed on a Sunday, St Paddy’s Day is notably one of the booziest holidays of the year. We all know that alcoholic beverages pack major calories into each sip – but your day of drinking doesn’t have to be a total diet downer. I commissioned elite trainer and owner of the brand new Club Athletic Sherbrooke, (and ex-bartender extraordinaire) Wayne Honsberger to help craft some diet-friendly drinks that pack a hint of green and a splash of Irish. 

The headquarters of our mission was none other than Ye Olde Orchard (the top tavern for pint-guzzling on the Big Night), with notorious manager Joe Pilotte (Big Jo) lending a hand behind the bar. “The key is to keep it simple,” says Honsberger. “The more you start mixing, the more you up the calorie count.” 

These 5 low-cal drinks will keep you green and golden all night:

Guinness Draft 
Calories: 168 for 16oz   
You’ll all be happy to know that a frothy pint o’ Guinness has fewer calories than your typical American beer and is also a source of antioxidants. Drink on! 

Vodka Soda, with a splash of Lime  
Calories: 100   
This wonderfully refreshing cocktail will have you feeling lucky in no time, with a splash of tart and tasty lime juice to give it the green!  

Irish Coffee
112 calories  
A warm and wonderful creation with just the right amount of Irish charm. Keep it low-cal by skipping the whip.

Calories: 150 
Neither too sweet nor too strong, this green and glorious cocktail is a perfect go-to for St. Paddy’s Day. Opt for a slimmer version by skipping the salted rim.

Jameson on the Rocks  
Calories: 69 for 1oz 
This Irish elixir of choice is ideal for the not-too-faint of heart. You’ll be feeling the magic in no time!

After you get your Irish on, be sure to hit the gym!

Train with Wayne: Club Athletic Sherbrooke; 1100 SHERBROOKE, SUITE 300; 514.985.0888