Five First Date Red Flags

You can tell a lot about a person from a first impression, and even more after a few hours on a first date. Though little nuances could be ignored, there are a few that probably hold a far deeper meaning in terms of figuring out if he or she is the right one…

They are Demanding and Rude to the Waiters
The way your date treats waiters and other employees at a restaurant reveals a lot. If he or she is rude, condescending and talks down to the staff, this usually reveals a level of snobbery that many young professionals may not have time for. If they are demanding, make a million modifications to their meal and send food back, this is just a flash of what is to come. This person is likely difficult to please and high maintenance and dating him or her will likely a future of embarrassing restaurant (and likely even flight) experiences, which will be the least of your worries. 

They Are Filled With Dating Horror Stories
There are definitely young professionals that have a string of bad luck when it comes to dating; trust us, we’ve seen them all. It is not always the fault of the “victim,” but if your date is full of horror stories from past relationships, then it could be an indication that there may be something wrong with them – even if it is that they lack a backbone and are easy to take advantage of. Not to mention, he or she will likely come with issues from all the failed relationships that may inevitably spill over into yours. 

They don’t Have Many Friends, Rather a Group of Acquaintances 
Unless he or she has just moved to town recently, it is a major warning sign when your new potential significant other has very few friends. High turnover rates with friends and people who use the term “friend” loosely usually reveals trouble maintaining, and perhaps even understanding, meaningful relationships. The YP male needs to be particularly cautious of females who don’t have many girlfriends or who have a high turnover rate among friends. In fact, the girl who is “always the bridesmaid and never the bride” is a usually a good catch because it reveals she is able to sustain deep, meaningful friendships and relationships. 

They Only Talk About Themselves
First dates may reveal a lot about how self-absorbed a person is in his or her life and likely will be as a partner. If he or she only talks about himself or herself, especially in a self-indulgent or conceited manner, be alarmed. This type of person may ask very few questions about yourself or may try to one up your stories and somehow relate them to him or her. If it is all about them on the date, it will likely be all about them throughout a relationship.  

Their Stories Don’t Add Up
If you catch your date in little lies from the first few dates (as in, wait a second, last week she said she was in Cabo for New Year’s Eve and she just mentioned that she was at the same local club as me for the countdown), these are total warning signs. Initial white lies can become perpetual major lies. Sure, people may get mixed up and even nervous on first dates, and may flub their words and perhaps even mix up stories, but usually your gut instinct is right. Liars – even the good ones – are easy to spot. Since trust is the core of all relationships, we are going to go out on a limb and suggest that nobody (spare the sadomasochists) wants to date a liar.