Five Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day commemorates fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the impact that fathers have on our lives and society overall. It seems silly to single out a specific day to express our thanks to those who have helped shape our lives and to acknowledge the sacrifice, patience, and love given to us unconditionally.

Even though they can be lame and embarrassing, they always have our best interest at heart, and Father’s Day is an excellent opportunity to show these special people in our lives just how much they mean to us.

Here are a few examples of creative Father’s Day gift ideas to score you the coveted spot of the favourite child, even if you’re the only child!

Aguamiel Tequila

For the beach lover, nothing evokes a sunny vibe or beachy feel (or goes down smoother) than this new tequila from Canadian (and proud father himself) Craig Shaw. Aguamiel is produced from Agave plants that have been aged eight years in Jalisco Mexico and has been crafted with a genuine appreciation for family. A fun fact, the autograph in the bottom right corner of the bottle is actually that of the founder’s son!

A Growler

For the beer-loving Dad, this is the perfect gift. Most bars and breweries offer to fill these grown-up to-go cups for a small fee, and many companies provide the option of personalizing them to the specific person. It’s the best way to enjoy his favourite beer at home without having to leave the house or put on pants. What Dad doesn’t want that? Let’s be real. It’s not specific to Dads. Everyone wants that.   

A Grilling Set

Up your Dad’s grill game just in time for summertime with a brand new set of grilling utensils, this gift is a two for one because everybody wins! Dad gets new tools in his arsenal and the opportunity to show off his skills as ultimate grill master, and you reap the benefits of some good old fashion barbecue! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Luxury Handcrafted Grooming Kit – Artestile x Monte & Coe

Keep Dad looking fresh with this handmade luxury grooming kit that includes all the tools he needs at home or on the go. It’s the last grooming kit he’ll ever need! Items include tweezers and straight scissors to keep eyebrows on fleek (do people still say that?), nail clippers and a file for flawless fingers, an unbreakable travel comb. And a spooly brush to keep brows, beards and hairs, in place.

The Original Bucksaw – The Bear Essentials Outdoors Co.

Perfect for the Dad that values quality handcrafted products and wants to support, local, Canadian businesses. Made of mahogany hardwood, which comes out to 1lb per saw, this saw is a work of both art and functionality while also being rot resistant. The company itself, The Bear Essentials Outdoors Co. Offers the highest quality handcrafted Canadian outdoors gear. Without all the bells and whistles, this saw gets the job done effectively — just the Bear Essentials.