Fitness Trends Among Young Professionals

By their very nature, trends come and go, so how do we know which ones are worth our time and which ones to forget? We asked Jessica Power Cyr, Fitness Director and Master Trainer at Heavens Elevated Fitness, for some advice…

Notable: How do activities and workout styles become trendy? 
Fitness professionals are constantly tweaking and creating workouts and gadgets to keep fitness interesting, but ultimately it’s the participants and clients who decide what is going to be popular. Zumba(R) is the perfect example of an activity that has been around for over 20 years but became really popular in the past few years because people decided that they wanted a class where they could dance and experience a fun but effective workout. Kettlebells, which have seen a huge increase in popularity over the past five years, have been around for thousands of years. (Seriously, Roman gladiators used kettlebells to train for their fights!)

Notable: What are the top fitness trends for fall and beyond?
Hybrid workouts – those that combine two or more workout styles into one – are becoming really popular. “Hot” anything is also all the rage, thanks to the popularity of hot yoga. People are moving their cardio and resistance training workout into hot studios, although I personally do not endorse doing high intensity workouts in the extreme heat. High intensity interval training like Tabata and CrossFit also remain extremely popular because they work you at an intensity that shocks the metabolic system and makes us calorie burning machines. These workouts are typically less than 30 minutes long, which is ideal for YPs on the go. Of course TRX, battle ropes, and kettlebell training is still all the rage and continues to increase in popularity.

Notable: What fitness trends or equipment are you most excited about that would be especially relevant for YPs?
I’m really excited for fitness facilities to introduce the TRX Rip Trainer. This product has been used for more than a year with elite athletes but we are just starting to see it in health and fitness facilities now. It’s a phenomenal workout that challenges the whole body and the core in particular through functional training.

I also would love to see the Gravity Training System become a trend. This system uses your body weight to challenge your whole body with zero impact. You could literally have a football player and your grandma working out next to each other doing the same workout because the system manipulates the intensity by moving the exercise board up and down the tower system.   

Notable: How can YPs assess whether the latest fitness trends are actually beneficial, effective, and safe?
Do your research: as young professionals, we are intelligent and have easy access to tons of information online. Remember, though, that not every trend will be right for you since we all have different strengths, old injuries, etc. Always ask yourself if the risks of the exercise outweigh its potential effectiveness, which is a principle that I always follow when introducing new trends to my participants and clients. And, as with many things, if it’s too good to be true then it probably it is. It can take months to years to achieve your fitness goals; only through hard work and dedication will you see those results!

Photo courtesy TRX