Fitness Haven: Union Studio

One of the more challenging aspects of travelling is the disruption to your regular schedule. Most or all of your meals will be consumed in restaurants; business dinners (and drinks) will keep you from getting to bed on time; early meetings will prevent you from sleeping in; and unfamiliar surroundings means you’ll likely be walking less and taking more cabs. It’s our experience that staying even moderately active is one of the better ways to feel grounded and healthy while travelling. And so, when I recently found myself in Toronto for work, I decided to put this recommendation into practice and try the classes at Union Studio.

Union Studio is bright and modern studio located at 571 Wellington Street West, within a short walking or transit distance from a number of downtown hotels. They have built their facility around the latest effective trends in group fitness. While the main focus of its programming is TRX, barre, and spin, they also offer kettlebell and Gravity training. Together, these classes provide an amazing full body workout that targets flexibility, endurance, and strength. 

As an out-of-town guest, I appreciated their discounted drop-in and short-term rates for first-time clients, online registration, free lockers, and spacious shower facilities. But anybody attending Union Studio will benefit from their small class sizes, where the instructors can help you figure out proper posture and form so that you avoid injury and get the most out of your class.

My schedule only permitted me to attend a Saturday morning barre class, but I’m going to give their spin classes a try next time I’m in town. The 17-bike spin studio is located on the second floor and is wrapped with floor to ceiling windows that swing open out to provide both fresh air and an amazing urban view during your ride.

Union Studio offers single-class drop-in, 5- or 10-class packs, and monthly, unlimited class, as well as special rates for first-time clients. Class registration is ongoing and can be booked online. For more information and to register, click here.

Photo courtesy Union Studio