Fitness District: Ramsay/Inglewood

Fitness District is a place where we explore some of Calgary’s most notable neighbourhoods and share some of the best they have to offer in fitness and health. 

Inglewood/Ramsay is tucked away just east of Calgary’s downtown and bordered by the Elbow and Bow Rivers. The area is home to some of Calgary’s most creative and independent businesses and, together with its proximity to downtown, make the area a must-visit for YPs. Turns out it also has a lot to offer in the way of fitness and active living.

The natural environment
Scotchman’s Hill provides not only one of the best views in Calgary (not to mention prime viewing of the Calgary Stampede fireworks), but it’s also a great place to train and get fit. Make your way up and down the wooden stairs that connect Salisbury Street SE and the Elbow River pathway for a powerful workout. Had enough climbing? Follow the Elbow River pathway north to connect with the Bow River pathway system, or head south and wind your way through some of Calgary’s best inner city neighbourhoods.

The gym
Feel like you’ve hit a plateau or looking for some gymspiration? It might be time to give CrossFit a try. Known as “the sport of fitness,” CrossFit challenges you with functional, high intensity, and variable movements. Turns out Ramsay is home to one of the top CrossFit gyms in Calgary, CrossFit Ramsay, who have recently relocated to a bigger (6,000 square feet) and better space (2030, 2500 Portland Street SE). If you are looking for an individual training experience, Sublime Fitness specializes in studio-based and mobile personal training. Individual sessions include functional assessments, fitness testing, physiological assessments, performance testing, and functional programming. They also offer group classes (Zumba and boot camp) at the Inglewood Community Centre. 

The gear
Fitterfirst’s only retail location happens to be located in Ramsay. If you are looking for some innovative and functional training gear, you should check out Fitterfirst. Their inventory is extensive: you’ll find balance boards, exercise balls, strength training products, active sitting gear, foam rollers, educational resources, and more.

The fuel
On the edge of Ramsay/Inglewood on 26 Avenue SE is Calgary’s largest year-round farmer’s market, Crossroads Market. Open Friday through Sunday, you’ll find plenty of fresh and prepared food, including produce, locally raised meat, dairy, and baked goods. You’ll also want to visit Wilde Grainz Artisan Bakery on 9th Avenue SE for traditional sourdough, whole grain, multigrain, sprouted grain, and rye breads. Best of all: they often have samples of their amazing bread. 

The relaxation
Follow 9th Avenue SE east and you will reach the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, a 36-acre park with level walking trails and nature trails that wind through forest, by the Bow River, and alongside a peaceful lagoon. Whether bird watching is your thing or not, the mental benefits of relaxing in nature are undeniable.

Photo courtesy Calgary Inglewood Facebook Page