Fit to Be Untied: Five Reasons Why Every Woman Should Invest in Luxe Lingerie

It’s the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, yet most of the time it’s completely forgotten. Let’s talk lingerie – not aimlessly-paired pieces blindly pulled from a pile in your underwear drawer. Not boulder-holders that could clip onto Samsonite luggage. I’m talking real-deal, lace-trimmed, satin-bowed, form-fitting, cleavage-shaping, sumptuous, sheer, silky – and yes, matching – lingerie. 

What are you wearing under there this very moment? (Gold star for lace, lump of coal for holes). How does it make you feel? But I’m at work!, you may say. Or I’m at the gym. Or I barely had enough time to brush my hair, let alone match my undergarments. And then there’s the inevitable, No one can see them… so why should I care? Lingerie has come to mean something very specific in North American culture: a romantic gift on holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas, honeymoons and birthdays. And of course, intended for a special night in the bedroom. It’s rare for a woman to simply wander into a lingerie store just because. 

With a few friends over at lingerie paradise, Agent Provocateur, one of my favourite pastimes is browsing the spectacular selection of silk, satin and lace. There is simply something different about perfectly crafted, perfectly fitting, perfectly stunning lingerie – and it’s not just the price tag. Talk to any of the Agents (yes, that’s their official title) and you are sure to develop a passion for the finer underthings in life. 

A Look to Lust For
It’s the difference between creating and crafting, between a product and a piece of art. Behind each and every design at AP is a designer, a specialist in the field, a lingerie master. How is this different from simply placing a bow here and a hook there? Agent Provocateur Creative Director, Sarah Shotton, and Product Development Director, Leila Habibi, are on a constant mission to revolutionize lingerie, with innovative sources of inspiration and creative ways of pushing the envelope. AP is known for its originality, often using bespoke patterns unique to the brand. *The delicate floral pattern used for the Syble was inspired by a Victorian painting, then transferred into silk by a specialist print house in London. Every AP piece is part of a “range”, linking each bra to its matching counterparts. The range satisfies clients’ varying tastes, with modest to more adventurous pieces like suspender belts or waspies.  

Fit for a Queen
Most people underestimate the importance of fit. But if your bra isn’t fitting properly, it can’t do its job – and it probably won’t feel too good either. Just how seriously does AP take its fit? Seriously enough to have a Product Development Department whose role it is to make every design function as wonderfully as it looks. At AP, there is no one-design-fits-all mentality. In fact, you will never even see a measuring tape used during a fitting; just because two women have the same measurements, doesn’t necessarily mean they should wear the same style. Different bra constructions can work better for different body types because every woman’s breasts are unique. Some breasts sit higher, some lower, some wider, some narrower, and every shape can be enhanced by a different cut. Enhancement is something AP has down to a science. You won’t find layers of padding in an Agent Provocateur bra – each style is constructed to lift here and tuck there, giving you that va va voom look completely au natural. 

Hooked on A Feeling
There is something to be said for dressing yourself in the most luxurious materials available. Agent Provocateur is famous for incorporating fabrics usually too fragile or luxurious to use in lingerie. Intricate materials are often reworked to be functional in the designs. On the list of extravagant fabrics like plush satin and sumptuous silk, is Leavers Lace, known as the finest lace in the world. This material is so fine, in fact, that it can only be produced on a few machines in the world! 

Intimate Service
Of course, with luxury styling comes luxury service. At AP, you will not be met by your average salesperson. Aptly named “Agents,” these are highly trained, highly skilled experts in everything lingerie. If you’ve ever had an awkward or frustrating experience trying on intimates, you can appreciate a sales associate who knows just how to put you at ease and offer the type of personalized shopping experience that should come with such a personal purchase. Add delicious AP macaroons to the mix and buying lingerie becomes exactly what it should be: oh so fun and fabulous!

A Cheeky Little Secret
There’s no doubt that luxe and luscious lingerie can rev up a romantic evening. But it’s not just about pleasing your partner. Corsets, camies, brasiers and babydolls make you feel feminine, fearless, and give you that extra boost (not just in the literal sense). Jamie Cat Callan, author of Bonjour, Happiness! suggests wearing a red slip under a LBD (or even to work!). Sexy underthings will always be revealed, if just in your demeanour or that extra dose of confidence as you stroll down the street. Don’t believe me? Throw on a racy little number under jeans and a tee the next time you do groceries. Luxurious lingerie is the perfect little risqué secret you can have with yourself – and who better to find you sexy than you?!

Lingerie is not what you put on before your outfit; it is the most essential part of your outfit. There’s no need to wait for a special occasion to slip into your slinky intimates. Every day is an opportunity to feel feminine, fabulous, and just a little provocative.