Fiona Forbes: New Self Titled Talk Show from Vancouver TV Personality Airs Today

As the co-host of the Shaw TV’s award-winning Urban Rush with Michael Eckford for almost two decades, Fiona Forbes didn’t have any plans to stay away from the small screen when the show ended last fall.

Working with the community cable station to develop her very own self-titled show, Forbes was excited to be involved with all the details from start to finish – something that was new for her this time around.

With a lot of buzz building since the public announcement right before the holidays, Fiona Forbes finally premieres today in its new weekly timeslot: Thursdays at 6pm and 10pm.

Taking a page from the old show, Fiona Forbes will still be a talk show but will also offer a new format.

The program will be half an hour, highlighting Vancouver stories, people, and overall current pop culture stories broken down into three specific segments.

Each show will feature 30 minutes of gabbing followed by a panel made up of local influencers and personalities – the opinionated movers and shakers that you definitely wouldn’t regularly find together – and a special Q&A segment that will take Fiona on the road to interview everyone from local mayors to celebrities in town.

Mark Brand, Vikram Vij, and Martin Short are some of the other familiar faces you can expect to see on upcoming episodes.

You can also expect recognized experts in their respective fields like Susie Wall and Global’s Sophie Lui to join the panel portion – but it will be rotating continuously to ensure viewers can always tune in to see who’s next. 

Located in Coal Harbor in the Shaw tower, the new Fiona Forbes set will still be street-level where passersby can peek in through the giant windows to see filming in progress.

Given Forbes’ natural on-air cadence and interviewing prowess, we know the newest talk show to hit Vancouver will be a hit. 


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