Fines for Parking Illegally in Toronto Will Increase Tomorrow

You may want to think twice before parking illegally in Toronto in the near future.

That’s because those caught parking illegally will soon face steeper fines – and by soon, we mean tomorrow.

Blocking the legal flow of foot and car traffic will come with a major price tag. If you’re caught blocking sidewalks, double parking, standing in TTC zones, or blocking HOV lanes, you’ll be slapped with a $150 fine.

According to the City of Toronto, increased fines for certain types of illegal parking will go into effect on Thursday. The initiative marks at attempt to reduce congestion and to keep pedestrians safe, as specified in a statement from John Tory.

“By attaching a real price to blocking lanes of traffic with illegal parking, we will reduce congestion,” Mayor John Tory said.

“By making these changes, the City of Toronto will help residents get to where they need to go as efficiently and safely as possible,” Councillor Jaye Robinson, chair of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, said in a written statement released this week.

Past studies have suggested that congestion costs commuters up to $3.3 billion annually thanks to delays and increased vehicle costs.