Finding the Perfect Fit in Montreal

Finding a perfectly-fitted suit most likely won’t happen by simply walking into a store. There’s usually a second step involved: a trip to the tailoring shop. We’ve done the sitting and fitting for you and compiled a list of Montreal’s top bespoke tailors. Whether it be fixing up and re-sizing an existing suit or looking to have one custom made especially for you, the following spots will have you looking sharp for your next meeting or event.

Waxman Tuxedo House – 4605 Parc
This Outrement bespoke tailor, tuxedo rental and sales shop has been a family-run and owned establishment since 1927. On top of having highly skilled tailors, Waxman is also down with the latest trends and will be able to point you in the right direction when it comes to a made-to-measure suit. Did we mention they also do custom shirts?

All suits are made with fabrics by Dormeuil, a Franco-British company that has demonstrated unparalleled know-how over the last 150 years with its exclusive lines of fabric.

Tony the Tailor – 2041-A Stanley
This downtown tailor is yet another family-owned establishment that has been passed down from generation to generation since 1949. They hold true to the notion that the perfect fit is the number one reason to choose a custom made suit. Tony’s custom suits start at $575, with sport jackets going for $425 and up. Dax Guinta, the grandson of the founder, is trying to find new and innovative ways to show the young professional world that custom suits are the way to go, and they succeed in making the custom suit-making experience as cool, edgy, and affordable as possible. 

Arthur – 2165 Crescent Street
With over 40 years of experience, Arthur is widely regarded as one of best bespoke tailors in Montreal. Specializing in custom-made garments that are carefully cut and crafted for you, they have an infinite number of options available of cuts and fabrics. They offer after-store hour appointments, are incredibly flexible and reliable, and allow you to create clothes that closely reflect your own personal style.