Find Your Friends with Benefits at Elmwood Spa (And Win a Free Massage)

We know young professionals (YPs) like to indulge in all kinds of benefits, but perhaps the most meaningful and lasting ones are health benefits.

If you’re among the lucky set to enjoy benefits with your job, you better be putting them to good use. You’re basically able to get pampered on someone else’s dime, after all. Not to mention, some spas, like Toronto’s beloved Elmwood Spa, encourage YPs to use their health benefits with their pre-existing programs. At Elmwood, you can use your benefits with their Massage Series Program; when you purchase four massages, your fifth is free.


Despite your best attempts to work on your posture, hunching over your desk all day long probably has your upper body craving a massage on the regular.

You don’t have to worry about lying to your boss about the nature of a midday appointment either – Elmwood Spa employs over 70 Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs), so they can cater to demanding work schedules.


Before you do anything else today, your next move should be to check your benefits plan – you might have less than two months left to use up your benefits for 2015. If this is the case, it’s important to book those massages before December – a particularly stressful time of the year when you’ll probably need it the most.

But don’t just book a massage anywhere. Massages at Elwood Spa come with the added perk of the use of the spa’s soothing water therapies; a swimming pool, whirlpool, and steam rooms.

Come for the massage, stay, well, all day.

Not to mention, Elmwood Spa’s wide array of body treatments are performed by RMTs, which means you get an insurance receipt (aren’t you glad you kept reading?). This means things like Elwood’s Tuscan Citrus & Herb Body Scrub and the Fire & Ice Body Treatment. Both revitalizing treatments include a scrub to remove dead skin and get circulation going, followed by a massage to keep your relaxation on pace.


You work hard; you may as well take full advantage of your well-deserved perks.

And whether your job comes with benefits or not, you can enter to win (by filling out the form below) a 50-minute Aromatherapy Massage, lunch in Elmwood Spa’s decadent Terrace Restaurant (dress code is your spa robe) and use of the Water Therapies (value $152).

It’s good to have friends with benefits. But it’s even better to use your own.

*Winner will be selected and notified via e-mail by Monday December 7th, 2015.

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