Finally: Two Teens Have Developed a Door Handle That Kills Germs on Contact

Fantastic news for germaphobes: Two teens from Hong Kong have developed a door handle that can knock out germs on contact.

Door knobs are consistently ranked among the top 10 places in your home that harbour bacteria, germs, microbes, pathogens, and/or viruses, so it’s easy to understand the necessity of such an invention.

The handle, which looks more like a bug zapper than a utilitarian door accessory, springs into action when the door’s movement triggers a series of germ-pillaging reactions. Moving the door provides power to a UV light, which activates titanium dioxide coated on a glass tube at a near-Lysol level 99.8 per bacteria kill rate.

A more detailed explanation of the research and method behind this truly essential development can be found here.

But if you’ve ever been one of those people who uses a paper towel to open a bathroom door, we expect you’re really excited right now.