Fill Your Cup: The Charlie’s Burgers Wine Program

A few months ago we told you all about Charlie’s Burgers (CB), the super exclusive Toronto supper club that imports high-end chefs to create unforgettable foodie experiences. Well, now we’re here to let you know about their wine program. And just like their dinners, they definitely do their vino right. 

Despite being the largest single importer of booze in the world, the LCBO isn’t always the dream buyer you wish it were. With the CB Wine program, however, you’ll be giving your palate premium restaurant quality wine every month.

Here’s how it works. CB has always paid special attention to their wine, so it’s no surprise they wanted you to be able to have some all the time. And for $112 per month, you’ll receive wine delivered to your door that isn’t available at the LCBO or any other wine store in Ontario. In fact, CB even goes as far as to have winemakers create special vintages or release limited edition wines. To be clear, this isn’t for anyone looking for a cheap bargain – this is about quality wine, no matter how much or how little. Which is another way of saying that some months your delivery will include 6 bottles and others you’ll only find 2-3 magnums or bottles. You’ll always get your $112 worth, you’re just not going to know what form it’ll be in until it’s dropped off.   

When it comes to CB’s dinner, their creativity, style, substance, and connections are the thing of legend in this city. And you shouldn’t expect their wine program to be any different. Want an example? One of the ‘little extras’ they’re throwing in this year is a free trip to Piedmont, Italy to visit one of the wineries they’re featuring. One randomly selected member of CB’s wine program will be flown, with a guest, to Northern Italy for a few days to stay on the vineyard’s estate and enjoy both mountain and lakeside tastings. We know, it sounds rough. 

As if this isn’t enough, you can take your bottles to a number of different recommended restaurants without having to pay the corkage fee. Every month CB will suggest menu items from different top-rated restaurants in Toronto (including the likes of Chantecler, The Gabardine, and Campagnolo) and across Canada that would pair well with the wine you’ve been given. If you want to eat out with your featured wine at these spots, the corkage fee is on CB. Now that’s what we call connected.

Your wine also arrives with three full pages of detailed description about the variety, the vineyards, and the featured restaurants, so even if you have no idea what you’re talking about you can at least sound like you do. And since you can join the CB wine program anytime of the year, we’re going to go ahead and suggest you should have done it yesterday. If you haven’t yet, then we’ve proven our worth.

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