FFWD Adweek: Who You Need to Introduce Yourself to

If you are in advertising, marketing or communications, you better be prepared for FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week. Thankfully, we have compiled a Survival Guide for everything you need to know for FFWD AdWeek, from the best pre and post event places to entertain clients to what you should be tweeting and everything in between.

If you get the chance and appropriate opportunity (key word: appropriate), AdWeek events offer a chance to introduce yourself to some notable professionals who are doing big things. Our Notable picks are Jian Ghomeshi, Gunnard Johnson, Steve Irvine, Chris Hadfield and Robert Bridge, and here’s why…

Jian Ghomeshi
Known as one of Canada’s key influencers, Jian Ghomeshi is an award-winning broadcaster, writer, musician and the host of the national daily cultural affairs talk program, Q, on CBC Radio One and CBC TV. The show now has the largest audience of any cultural affairs program in Canada.

During FFWD AdWeek, Ghomeshi will explore the journey of La Presse+, a digital news game-changer, and doing what he does best, through an interview with Pierre-Elliott Levasseur, Executive Vice-President, La Presse.

Gunnard Johnson
He is the Advertising Research Director at Google. Enough said. He’s at AdWeek to address three very relevant topics to your career: how the most sophisticated marketers measure brand impact in a digital world, how Google measures the success of its own advertising efforts and the key lessons that emerge, and how advertisers can accurately measure, compare, and optimize the performance of their online campaigns to offline media.

Steve Irvine
He is the Group Director, Global Marketing Solutions at Facebook Canada. Say what you want; Facebook is not going anywhere. He will host an AdWeek discussion on how to leverage the power of mobile to build close, lasting connections with people. Because these days, it is all about connections…

Chris Hadfield
Hadfield is a retired Canadian astronaut who was the first Canadian to walk in space. No big deal, right? The keynote speaker of The Change Makers: ARB Conference is Chris Hadfield, who will share his experience in space and his praised and skillful use of social media, which helped make him a household name.

Robert Bridge
As the VP of International Marketing for Yahoo, Bridge will share his experience leading a global team in conceptualizing and executing Yahoo’s On The Road program, a global franchise that catapulted the Yahoo brand to music stages and venues all over the world. He will offer insight how this program delivered content through a combination of live events with award-winning artists, global content streaming, and product integration. 

If you’ve made the first step to approach them, there are a few things to keep in mind: reference something from their chat, have a few meaningful questions prepared, and actually listen to what they have to say.

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