Fave Tex Mex in Montreal: Icehouse

The talent behind Kitchenette has infused their culinary skills into this taco and burrito bar just off the main strip. This no frills, ‘order at the bar’ spot serves up a wide array of tacos and burritos in a way nobody else does in the city. Icehouse is asserting itself as the flagship for the city’s casual dining scene.

Ever heard of a short rib teriyaki taco? Neither had we until we discovered the refreshingly cool hotspot that is Icehouse. Embodying the heart of Texas, this Montreal establishment was developed by Kitchenette Chef Nick Hodge as a tribute to the Deep South from which he hails. In Texas, “Ice-houses” were once known as small barn-type houses used to sell large blocks of ice to the public as a remedy to the intense heat. Owners of icehouses eventually realized that they could sell a lot more than just ice; so, they started offering satisfying, home-style food to their clientele, and once an ice-house was abandoned it was typically taken over by communities and the sharing of food continued. This is exactly how Chef Hodge manages to keep traditions he experienced growing up alive.

Step into the space that formerly housed La Iguana and feel right at home in Texas in this wood-paneled eatery complete with southern flags, picnic tables, and the traditions of Tex-Mex food taken to new and exciting levels – pristine for professionals looking to add some spice to a night on the town. Opt for the immensely popular Lobster Burrito and your imagination as well as your taste buds will be thankful. With other menu favourites like the popcorn shrimp, the Po’ Boy Oyster Sandwich, and the pulled pork taco with homemade Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, Icehouse shows exactly what they have so much of down south. Oh, and if you’re hungry for one notable dessert, dig into the chicken-fried peach tart – so delicious it probably shouldn’t be legal.

Never taking itself too seriously, the food at Icehouse comes on in cardboard boxes on plastic red trays and the menu is capped at $22 – and conveniently displayed on a chalkboard over the bar. The energy, atmosphere, and menu of this venue are unique, making Icehouse one of Montreal’s hidden treasures for the young professional. Not only is this a great place for some Tex Mex, it’s also quickly become the new trendy spot to have a drink and unwind. Icehouse Restaurant, 51 Roy East, Montreal.

Image courtesy All About Eve’s flickr.