Fashion Week Style Beyond the Runway

February seems like one big fashion dream for designers, models, bloggers and fashionistas alike, filled with crazy color combintations, unique textures, unseen patterns and an array of beautiful men and women seemingly on every corner.  

New York fashion week was the first to kick off the month, followed by London and Milan. Next stop: Paris. It kind of seems exhausting just  thinking about it. As we all try and play catch up on reviewing the shows and taking notes of what Fall has in store for us, we found a lot of inspiration outside the tents on street-level.

It’s fair to say that fashion bloggers have become crucial facilitators, incubators and media partners to the industry this year more than ever before they are walking advertisements for most brands and their personal style never ceases to amaze.

We’ve scoured the pages of three notable fashion bloggers Fashion Squad of Stockholm, Late Afternoon of San Francisco and Tuula of New York and compiled their three best street style looks from this year’s New York Fashion Week…  

Fashion Squad‘s Carolina Engman (top photo) mixes femininity with the perfect amount of edge into her style.


Liz from Late Afternoon (above) has an eye for just about everything, showcasing her fashionable life in a elegant manner. Her style is refreshing and perfected down to the details.


Jessica Stein from Tuula is a professional model who cherishes simplicity in her style, always looking flawless and never overdone.