Fashion Tips for Making Your Wardrobe Last a Decade

Hannah Yakobi is an award-winning journalist and communications specialist. Throughout her career, she has written for the National Post, OK! Magazine, the Ottawa Citizen, Canwest newspaper network and dozens of publications around the world. Currently, she is the Editor-in-Chief of FAJO Magazine, a Canadian publication with staff in Canada, U.S. and U.K.

Having a great wardrobe is important, but it is also essential to maintain it well. If you take good care of your clothes and accessories, they can last you for many years and still look as good as new! And there are many different tricks that can help:

1. Avoid putting delicate fabrics in the washing machine, whenever possible. If you do use the machine, go for biodegradable detergent that is aimed at soft fabrics and available at certain supermarkets (e.g. Whole Foods). Make sure you use the “cold wash” and “delicate fabrics” setting only.

2. The best way to get rid of creases on your clothes is to let the hot water run in your shower and then, once the bathroom steams up, hang your clothes there. This will get rid of the creases but may make your clothes feel a bit wet. So, alternatively, you can throw your clothes in the dryer on the lowest heat setting for 2-5 minutes only (check every 2 minutes to make sure you don’t overdo it). This latter trick works for all fabrics, even the clothes that are not supposed to be tumble dried.

3. Shoes can be repaired. Find out what is the best and most reliable shoe repair store close to your home. Don’t forget to barter – if you bring more than three pairs at once, they will likely give you a good discount.

4. Sunglasses and glasses can be repaired, too. If the sides of your glasses have fallen off, head to any optical store and ask them if they could fix it. It normally means adding a missing screw and costs no more than $5 (sometimes it’s free).

5. Stains can be a real nightmare. There are many tricks that can work (e.g. pouring white wine over a red wine stain), but the extent to which they do depends on the size of the stain, its type and the length of time the spillage has been absorbed by the fabric. The best thing you could do is take it to the dry cleaners immediately. Make sure you remember what the stain was from – dry cleaning experts always say that the more you can tell them about the stain, the higher the chances they will get it out.

6. Treat all your leather and suede products with a protective spray every season. This will avoid damage from sun/rain/snow.

7. If you own a leather accessory, invest in a “replenish cream.” It is available at many stores that specialize in leather products (e.g. Danier) and it will do miracles to scratches, dirt and worn-out-looking leather pieces.

8. If you need a basic stitching job (e.g. lining of jacket is coming apart), then many dry cleaners are normally good at this and they will charge you much less than a regular tailor for a job that will be done just as well.

9. Hang your clothes. Folding them can result in a shorter lifespan. And keep your accessories separately – delicate shoes should each have their own box; a delicate jewelry piece should each be in its own pouch.

10. Every now and then, rearrange things in your closet. Things tend to collect dust if they sit in one spot for a while, and this shortens the product’s lifespan as well.

Treating your clothes and accessories well will help you grow your wardrobe significantly, by adding things to it instead of replacing them. Good luck!

Photo courtesy FAJO Magazine