Fashion Forward: Rent frock Repeat

Ladies, it’s time to update your wardrobe…at least for a day. Rent frock Repeat launched last week to the collective sigh of relief of women everywhere. Responding to the need of many women to have that extra special outfit for that extra special occasion, Co-Founders Lisa Delorme and Kristy Wieber conceived Rent frock Repeat as an ultimate resource for ensemble-flustered women.

How many times have you searched the rows of delicately hung clothing in your closet to come up shorthanded? (We’ll pause here so you can count.) If your answer was more than once, Rent frock Repeat may prove to be a worthy tool at your disposal. It’s a simple concept: why buy a dress for your next big event when renting a hot and trendy frock costs a fraction of the price? The process seems fairly streamlined – all you do is find a style to rent, register an account for shipping, and Rent frock Repeat takes care of the rest (including sending along a prepaid envelope for easy return, perfect for the time-crunched young professional woman.)

Rent frock Repeat is part of a movement that has been gaining steam over the past few years (think of Toronto’s Red Carpet Room). It’s a new approach to style that helps make high-end fashions accessible when needed most. While Rent frock Repeat currently only services womenswear (and from the buzz we’ve heard it will likely be awhile before talks of menswear come into the picture), it is still noteworthy for adapting a current forum (the web) to serve the needs of its clients in a fairly innovative way.

If Rent frock Repeat‘s success is measured in less than due time, we’re sure more companies will begin applying this model. After all, judging by the price points of the rented frocks in relation to the rental price, three to four times worn will cover the garment costs, which means a pretty penny is to be had for the ingenious Delorme and Wieber.

Rent frock and repeat? Yes please.