Fashion and Beauty Expert Nadia Albano’s 7 Style Sacraments

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of fashion and beauty is not an easy task, but fortunately experts are out there to help busy young professionals put their best foot forward. Meet Nadia Albano, Founder of Nadia Albano Style Inc. She’s found a niche among Vancouver’s YP women by offering standout head-to-toe image consulting services.

Clients come calling when they’re strapped for time, lack experience, or when transitioning into a new stage in life. The solution is a custom tailored one that encompasses hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

With Nadia Albano, personal image consultation is just that: personal. Clients get a holistic approach that addresses all aspects of their lifestyle. The foundation for Nadia’s approach are her 7 trademarked Style Sacraments (which also serve as excellent guidelines for women who take a DIY approach to fashion and beauty).


Nadia’s 7 Style Sacraments

1. SASS – Shop According to your Style and Silhouette. Embrace your shape! When you know your body type and style category, shopping will be a breeze.

2. 5 Cs – Casual, Classic, Charming, Chic and Couture. Determine your style category. We all have one… some of us fall into more than one. Get inspired by looking though magazines or to your favourite style icon – past and present.

3. DLDB – Dark, Light, Dull and Bright. Find balance. The perfect, most cohesive outfit and/or makeup features light, shade, colour and texture.

4. W.O.R.K Essentials – Weekend, Office, Recreation, “K”night. As they say, “you only have one chance to make a first impression.” Dress for the occasion and know your audience; you never know when you’ll meet your knight in shining armour.

5. Ship Shape, Shop! – When editing your wardrobe each season, remember to: #1) Ship the items that no longer work for your lifestyle and body type to your local thrift store or shelter. #2) Keep the items that work for your shape and maximize them. #3) Shop for only the things that are missing in your wardrobe. “Take what you want and want what you take!”

6. 5-in-Five – Be beautiful and keep it simple. Create a flawless face in five minutes by using primer, foundation, bronzer, mascara and lipstick. It’s easy, natural and polished.

7. 3 Ps – Prime, Prep & Polish. Great hair can only be achieved with the right products. Using the right shampoo, styling and finishing products for your hair type will lead you to hair heaven.

Nadia Albano Style Inc. offers full service image consultations, as well as hair styling, makeup, and personal shopping. Nadia’s studio is located at #4 1874 W. 1st Ave, Vancouver. Visit her website to learn more, or call 604.682.3016 to book an appointment. 


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