Famous Secret Instagram Foodie Account Turns Out to Be Toronto Chef

Last year we said you should probably start to follow @chefjacqueslamerde – especially if you’re a self-proclaimed “foodie.”

The widely popular Instagram account basically makes junk food look like a 5-star meal. And makes you feel better for eating it in the process (just what you need this weekend). 

From gummy dinosaurs, Pop-Tarts, and Hostess cupcakes, to powdered Kraft Dinner cheese, @chefjacqueslamerde has the ability to style anything to look like the fanciest meal you’ve ever had. The account currently has 100k followers. 

A photo posted by @chefjacqueslamerde on

But the thing is, nobody knew who Chef Jacques La Merde actually was in real-life. As it turns out, it’s a Toronto resident – and a female. Last night’s Top Chef episode revealed that Christine Flynn, executive chef at IQ Food Co. is actually the fictional chef.

As she wrote on Bon Appetit, Flynn says she loves food, art, and irony (and apparently giving us some serious cravings for some quality junk food as well).

Photo: Galdones Photography