Fall Decorating Ideas – Ways to Cozy Up Your Space

From the first time this season we all felt a fresh chill in the air last week.

(And it was awful.)

But since we can’t stop the colder days from approaching, we can at least help you make your time inside more enjoyable than ever.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent change or an immediate transformation, here are 9 simple decorating touches you can use to cozy up your home this fall.

1) Add Plush Throws
A throw adds subtle warmth and texture to a living room space and also keeps you comfortable and cozy. Add additional adventure in the room with bold patterns or bright colors.

2) Layer Area Rugs
Keep your feet warm and your space snug by layering area rugs during the fall and winter months.

3) Light Candles
With fewer hours of daylight and harsh winter weather, lighting candles helps to brighten up your space and relieve stress and anxiety.

4) Make Your Patio More Intimate
During those cool and comfortable fall evenings, enjoy a night in by making your outside space usable. Portable outdoor heaters, candles, plush throws, and pillows cozy up your deck or patio. 

5) Swap Out Summer Bedding
Store away your summer comforters and bring out your toasty down comforters and blankets.

6) Create Atmosphere with Scent
Enhance the ambiance of your living space with scent. Lavender and vanilla create a calming effect, spicy scents encourage stimulating conversations, and citrus infused scents boost energy.

7) Decorate with Coverings
Create a snug semblance by using coverings as decor. Use a blanket as a tablecloth, drape a quilt on the wall, or frame pieced squares.

8) Layer Decorative Pillows in the Bedroom
Add heat and the ultimate finishing touch to the bedroom with additional pillows. Start with the pillows you sleep on, then pile on European shams, standard-size shams, throws, and bolster pillows. 

9) Get Your Bathroom Glamorously Organized
Arrange everyday items atop elegant trays, fill glass containers with your favorite toiletries, and re-organize all old make up, hair products, and jewelry.



Images: weheartit, hgtv, yuehaucn.com, therelaxedhome.com,  houzz.com, my habitfix.com, tarabeeink.blogspot.com, toutsimplementpoleen.fr

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