We Fact Checked That B.C. Man’s Racist Tantrum and Here Are the Results

By now, you’ve probably seen the video of an Abbotsford, B.C. man who unleashed a racist tantrum against a Canadian of South Asian descent.

It’s the kind of behaviour you’d expect at a Trump rally, not within our own borders.


Here we have a man who at one point shouts, “White power, motherf*cker!” and whose favourite movie is probably Sharknado. Unfortunately, we know he’s Canadian because he ends the whole thing with a “have a nice day.”

That we’re dealing with an individual of extreme ignorance was never in doubt, but just how unintelligent is this little man?

Let’s compare a few of his choice words with some reasonably common facts.

“Ya f*cking Paki. Go back to India.” – Pakistan and India are, of course, two different countries.
“Camel-riding” – Yes, there are camels in Pakistan and India, though this particular insult is usually directed towards people from the Middle East.
“Go back to Hindi” – No such geographical place exists. Hindi is a language.
“You ever wear a turban? You should” – Maybe if he was Sikh. Certainly not Hindu.
“Remember my face because I’ll remember yours. It’s not a threat!” – Seems like a threat.

It should also be noted that shouting “have a nice day” to a man who was just racially insulted on a cloudy day in Abbotsford is severely redundant.

So that’s five factual inaccuracies in just over two minutes. Some people are simply unfit to be in public.

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