Facebook Official: A Petition Calls for Polyamorous Relationship Option

A growing group is taking on Facebook with a demand to change options for relationship statuses.

People in polyamorous relationships are currently not able to accurately reflect their relationship statuses in their personal Facebook accounts. Currently, the feature only allows you to choose one person to be in a relationship with (though the option of “in an open relationship” has been an option since the social media site’s infancy).

One UK-based Facebook user, Philly Cashion, wasn’t thrilled that she couldn’t indicate on her page that she and her two partners were “in a relationship.” As a result, she has started a Change.org petition urging Facebook to offer the option for those in nontraditional two-person relationships to display their relationship on Facebook.

“I’m in a triad polyamorous relationship so there is no main partner in our relationship, the three of us are equal,” said Cashion. “I know we can’t all marry and loads of other things people normally get. But being able to show our relationship in an authentic fashion in Facebook would be nice.” She goes on to say that Facebook’s current features signify another way of being told that her three-person relationship isn’t real. At time of writing, the petition had 2985 supporters.

Though more people seem to be talking and writing about it than actually supporting the cause, I don’t imagine it will be long before the company makes the change. After all, anything goes in 2016.

Back in early 2014, Facebook widely expanded the way that users can describe their gender identity. People can currently edit their gender by clicking on basic information in their profile and choosing “custom” from a drop-down menu that appears beside gender and includes “two-spirit,” “gender variant,” “gender fluid,” “gender questioning,” and “transgender.”

For the meantime, the company has yet to respond to the petition.