Facebook Has Introduced a New Suicide Prevention Initiative

We’ve said it before: social media and its “picture perfect” portrayal of everyone’s life can cause even the happiest of young professionals to feel “less than” at times.

We all know that if you’re already feeling a little bummed out a scroll through social media can go ahead and make you feel like total crap. 

Now though, Facebook can make those in major distress feel better rather than worse.

South of the border, Facebook has partnered up with mental health organizations like the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Now Matters Now to offer support for users who express suicidal thoughts. 

If a user takes to Facebook to reveal self-harm or suicidal thoughts in posts, they will be encouraged to speak with a mental health expert and will be offered tips and resources to see them through their difficult time.

Facebook also offers resources for friends who spot alarming posts, giving them the option to call or message their friend, or offer them access to suicide prevention support to help them work through their issues.

The company has teams working around the world, 24 hours a day to review any report that comes in. The most serious reports are given priority, with help and resources quickly sent to those in distress.

The update will roll out to US users within the next few months, and we can expect Canada to follow shortly after. The company announced they were committed to improving its suicide prevention response around the globe. 

We like it, Facebook.


Images courtesey of bodycarehair.com and mhhub.com

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