Experience the Best of Sweden in Toronto

If you don’t get a chance to make it to Sweden this year, no worries. You’ll get to experience 360 degrees of Sweden’s trendsetting creative and culture industries on October 17 at the exclusive after-party for Sweden 360. The country’s top brands will be come to Toronto for a showcase of dining, design and lifestyle. Renowned brands like Hästens Beds, Salming, Electrolux Premium Appliances, Gustavsberg Porcelain, Volvo, Ekelunds Fine Linen, Eton of Sweden, Gense Cutlery and Mackmyra Swedish Whisky will be on hand as our Notable.ca readers mingle with like-minded young professionals and learn about the finest Swedish exports available in Canada.

Join us at the Notable.ca after party and experience the Swedish social and nightlife experience. Expect great conversation with young professionals in a myriad of industries from design and lifestyle to fashion and finance, over creative cocktails and canapés unique to the Nordic country. 

Tickets are now available and are being offered to our readers for on $25 (includes two Swedish cocktails and delicious Swedish Canapes)

We’ll see you in Sweden soon!

Tickets/Info: notablesweden360.eventbrite.com

Stay Notable,

– Notable.ca

The Vitals
Sweden 360 After Party hosted by Notable.ca – Swedish Design and Lifestyle Showcase
Where: The Boiler House, 18 Tank House Lane, Distillery District
When: Wednesday, October 17, 2012, 8pm.