Expedia.ca Survey Finds Travelling With a Significant Other is Very Important to Canadians

Despite the poor Canadian dollar, travelling is still a priority for Canadians.

And with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching (not to mention that the holiday falls over a long weekend for many provinces across Canada), it’s the perfect time to plan a romantic get away for you and your significant other.

But when it comes time to start thinking about travelling with your beau, what factors are important to Canadians?

In order to determine the connection between travel and romance, Expedia.ca reached out to thousands of both single and dating Canadians and asked them a series of questions to find out how they feel about romantic getaways.

When it comes to travelling, 48.4 per cent of Canadians said it was important that their partner had a passion for travelling. And travelling remains a priority for those 65 and older, as 54.8 per cent said it was important that their significant other shared their passion for travelling. So when you’re settling down with someone, keep in mind you’ll likely want them to be able to keep up with you later in life. 

The survey also examined when it’s appropriate to go on a trip with someone you’re dating. Almost 30 per cent of participants said they might consider going on an overnight trip with their significant other after 1-3 months of dating. But surprisingly, those who were between the ages of 18-34 said they would prefer to wait 4-8 months.

When it came to determining what the most romantic destinations in the Great White North are, 31.9 per cent of Canadians put Banff and Jasper at the top of their romantic getaway bucket list. While those aged 18-24 listed Vancouver as their most sought after romantic getaway destination.

For the singles that were surveyed, 21.5 per cent said that they would want to visit Montreal when they had a significant other.

For those looking for romance outside of Canada’s boarders, trips to tropical destinations were considered the most romantic vacation a partner could plan for almost one third of respondents at 31.2 per cent.

Finally, Canadians said that road trip getaways are perfect for a romantic weekend, with one quarter of respondents (25.7%) selecting this option as the most romantic vacation a partner could plan. This was especially true of Canadians surveyed aged 18-34 and for Canadians earning less than $24,000.

And with the low dollar and the attractive price of gas, staying closer to home and road tripping through Canada might be more of an interest for Canadians than ever before.