Executive Reads: Matthew Corrin

Matthew Corrin is the Founder and CEO of Freshii, the ultra-fresh, create-your-own food chain specializing in custom salads, wraps, rice bowls and plenty of other unique offerings. Launched in Toronto in 2005, Freshii has now spread globally to include over 80 locations as far as Dubai and Austria.

Corrin graduated with a degree in media relations from the University of Western Ontario and, after flunking his business class, saw the opportunity to revolutionize the fast food industry in a healthy way. Part of Freshii’s rapid success can be attributed to creating an entire lifestyle around the brand, one which focuses on holistic values and balance across all aspects of urban, on-the-go life. 

Part of Corrin’s motivation and success can be attributed to the wise words of particular books that have stuck with him throughout his entrepreneurial endeavours. They are as follows…

Pour Your Heart Into It by Howard Schultz
I read it before I opened the first Freshii seven years ago and used a yellow hilighter to underline sections that I considered to be important. One year later (and one year after operating Freshii), I read the book again – this time with a green hilighter. It was amazing how different my interpretations were and how many new sections I considered to be crucial and hilighted the second time around.

Why We Buy by Paco Underhill
A brilliant look at the science of buying. Many operational and marketing decisions we have made along the way at Freshii are based on his findings. I have written a 4-page summary version of his book and share it with my franchise partners on a regular basis.

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