Executive Reads: Graham Moysey

Graham is the General Manager of AOL Canada. Graham has over 15 years of experience in both traditional and new media within the Canadian landscape.   

In his role at AOL, Graham is responsible for working with the Global Senior Executives and the Canadian leadership team to oversee the development and execution of the business strategy around AOL’s core objectives of content creation, advertising solutions and local. AOL Canada provides digital communications and content to Canadian consumers in the English and French languages.

Before joining AOL, Moysey served as the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media at Canwest Global Communications, Canada’s largest integrated media company, where he was responsible for all revenue, product and digital strategies.

Before Canwest, he was the Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Sympatico.MSN. Ever passionate about the business of digital media, Moysey has served on the national board of directors of the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada. He holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario.

So, how did he achieve all that? Reading these certainly helped…

Bounce by Mathew Syed 
This is a great read where Syed, an ex-professional table tennis player, discusses what it takes to rise to the top. I am a competitive person and always appreciate the first hand experience of world class athletes who can parlay their learnings into every day life and, by extension, business. Like Gladwell in Outliers, Syed suggests that practice really does make perfect. This book resonated with me as 1. I am trying to take the title of office champ in table tennis and 2. It is always nice to hear that hard work and grit go a long way to success in business and beyond.

Eight Step Swing by Jim Mclean 
Yes, this is a book about the fundamentals of the golf swing. Having said that, it is written by one the greats and discusses with incredible clarity both the art and science of the golf swing. Mclean has had huge success coaching some of the finest players in the game and brings forward not only some of those pointed lessons but lots of philosophies on how to keep it simple and effective while playing. The book resonated with me as golf like business is about mechanics and “feel,” and finding the balance when the heat is on.

What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell 
I can read and or listen to Malcolm for long periods of time. He has an inquisitive mind and turns things from seemingly mundane to very interesting. This is a collection of essays and all of them are interesting. Gladwell’s gift is that he looks at things differently and by extension makes the reader have several “ah hah” moments. Not a bad lesson for business I would say. Accept nothing as status quo without asking the right questions…